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Using decorative shutters as a window covering.

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We’ve been in business for over 20 years and in that time we have answered almost every question about shutters. One question that is often asked is; can you use decorative shutters to cover a window?

The sole function of decorative shutters is to sit in place and look pretty. If you want the shutters to cover a window with the intention of opening and closing them, then decorative shutters are not suitable for this use.

If you plan to cover a window permanently then decorative shutters might do the job for you. There are many reasons that you may want to use decorative shutters to cover a window; here are some of our examples:

To create privacy

One of our customers who had a window that overlooked a busy alleyway found passers by using the alley could look straight into their home.  As they didn’t use the window they decided that decorative shutters would be a good solution because not only did they offer privacy but they looked good too. Decorative shutters used as window covering can also be useful in providing privacy to a low level bathroom window.

white louvre shutters covering a window opening

To cover an ‘ugly’ window

If you have an ‘ugly’ window, using decorative shutters might be the ideal solution to cover it. A good example of this was another of our customers who had a window on an outbuilding that was covered in paint. The window was fixed closed and not used so covering with decorative shutters provided a cost effective way of improving the appearance of the window without having to actually replace it.

brown shutters covering a window

To provide protection

Another customer of ours had a window that overlooked a golf course. This meant that window breakages were common and as a consequence costed them a lot of money in replacements. As the window was not in use and the possibility of bricking it up was far too expensive and incorporating bars or grilles would be too unsightly they decided to use decorative shutters as a permanent window covering. This solution meant they didn’t have the worry of window breakages but also they retained the character of their property. 

It is worth mentioning that whilst decorative shutters might be used to protect a window we do not recommend using them as an intruder deterrent. Should security be a concern then a product such as internal security grilles may be more suitable. Simply Shutters offers a range of good quality Citadel security grilles.

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Measuring for decorative shutters as a widow covering.

To be able to use decorative shutters as a window covering make sure when measuring to ensure that the shutters are both wider and taller than the window reveal (the reveal is the hole in the wall that the window sits within) as there must be sufficient brickwork behind the shutters to secure them to the wall.

Here’s some more examples of shutters being used to cover windows:

large house decorated with white louvre shutters
white louvre shutters fitted over a window

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