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    Town & Country Synthetic Shutters

    Individually hand crafted 'synthetic wood' shutters that look, weigh and feel like timber.


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Town & Country Installation 2
Town & Country Installation 2
Town & Country Installation 3
Town & Country Installation 3

At Simply shutters we understand that your home is a monument to a lifetime of hard work and that it is only natural that you will want to keep it looking at its very best. This is where we can help!

It is ecologically unsound and very costly to continue to manufacture shutters from hardwoods that provide limited resistance to rotting and yet low cost softwoods provide very little durability as they are prone to decay very quickly.

10 year guarantee on body - 5 year guarantee on paint finish - At least 33 percent cheaper than equivalent hardwood shutter

Town & Country shutters are constructed from a blend of synthetic polymers (patent application UK 0605923.2) that replicates the weight, feel and appearance of wood but offers none of the maintenance issues associated with timber. We call this material a 'synthetic wood'.
All Town & Country exterior shutters are made by hand in exactly the same way that a carpenter will make a timber shutter, the joints are mortised for added strength and each louvre blade is fixed and bonded into position.
The end result is a shutter that is sturdily constructed, that retains the beauty of wood and that will not require maintenance.  At the moment you can only use Town & Country shutters in a decorative capacity. Fully Functional exterior shutters will be added to our range shortly.
Town & Country Shutter Range
Simply Shutters uses its own in house carpenters to manufacture Town & Country shutters. This enables us to ensure that the build quality is excellent. Because we do not subcontract this work we can keep the costs low.
We are most excited about Town & Country and feel confident that you will be too!
As Town & Country shutters are not made from pre manufactured component parts, they can be built without the vertical centre rib that all louvred shutters over 450mm (18") wide have as standard, as seen in the Extrawide Traditional Louvre range.
Maximum dimensions per single shutter are 800mm width x 3000mm height (31.5" x 118").
For a live quote on our Town & Country shutters, simply visit the page for the relevant range using one of the links above. You can download a PDF Town & Country brochure here.  If you have any further questions, just call us on 01842 814260 or use our contact form to get in touch.
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