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Citadel Home Security Grille 
  • Citadel Security Grille
  • Citadel Security Grille
  • Citadel Security Grille
  • Citadel Security Grille
  • Citadel Security Grille
  • Citadel Home Security Grille

Survey Instructions

It is important that you measure up accurately before ordering your security grilles.

Our professional security fitters can take care of this for you if required; just check "Yes" for our "Survey?" option for the peace of mind this will give you.

Citadel Home Security Grille

Top quality security grille for medium to high security domestic applications. Made to measure in powder coated pre-galvanised steel.

£  inc VAT 

Click "Add to Cart" to order your professional survey. You will be charged £150 + VAT for the survey (a single charge that will cover all security grilles added to your cart).

The price quoted excludes fitting charges. We will advise you of the fitting cost once the survey has been completed. If you are happy with our quote and would like to go ahead with installation, the survey fee of £150 plus VAT will be deducted from the total cost of installation.

Colours and images should be used as a guide only and may vary from the actual product. Dimensions quoted may vary slightly from actual dimensions.
Citadel Security Grilles from Simply Shutters

The sophisticated Citadel retractable security grille system offers a high level of protection for your home while maintaining a classic appearance.

The Citadel Home Security Grille aims to keep intruders out while at the same time allowing light in meaning they are perfect for windows and doors that are situated on ground floor level.

Chic and Understated

Once installed and opened up these security grilles can be hidden from view behind curtains meaning they are stylish but also understated, so your window or doorway wont’ feel overwhelmed.

Easy to use and safe

Citadel Home security grilles are extremely safe and easy to handle offering a smooth, quiet opening and closing system. Other benefits of these security grilles include:

Citadel Security Grille in living room
Citadel Security Grille in living room
Citadel Security Grille fitted to country cottage
Citadel Security Grille fitted to patio doors
  • Very strong security barrier.
  • Powder coated and galvanised to avoid corrosion over time.
  • Fully collapsible system.
  • Excellent visibility through bars when locked.
  • A single key provides multi-point locking.
  • Made to your custom size requirements.
  • Ease of use.
  • Optional locking post at both ends can be fitted to provide maximum flexibility.
  • If a grille is required on an opening where no access is required a fixed sash option is available.

Citadel Home Security Grilles are ideal for:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Patio Doors and Windows
  • To be fitted in a revel
  • To be fitted behind glass
  • To be used internally
  • Offering a lower cost option where maximum security is required.

Insurance Certification

This grille has not been tested to Loss Prevention Standard 1175-1 (LPS 1175-1). If you require insurance approved retractable security grille then you may to consider the Citadel Plus Insurance Approved Home Security Grille.

Security Grilles are for internal use and are not ideal for external applications.

Survey Instructions

For important information about measuring and installing this product please visit the installation instructions area of our website here.

Installation Instructions

Citadel Technical Guide

We will first confirm the colour of any order placed with us (except graphite black or pure white options) by sending you a small sample of the actual colour for your approval. Once approval has been obtained we shall then dispatch your order to you.

Citadel Security Grille Colours

(Click on any colour for a larger image)
  • White Color
    (RAL 9010)
  • Beige
    (RAL 1001)
  • Sand Yellow
    Sand Yellow
    (RAL 1002)
  • Oyster White
    Oyster White
    (RAL 1013)
  • Ivory
    (RAL 1014)
  • Cream
    (RAL 1015)
  • Grey Beige
    Grey Beige
    (RAL 1019)
  • Oxide Red
    Oxide Red
    (RAL 3009)
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue
    (RAL 5002)
  • Signal Blue
    Signal Blue
    (RAL 5005)
  • Grey Blue
    Grey Blue
    (RAL 5008)
  • Gentian Blue
    Gentian Blue
    (RAL 5010)
  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue
    (RAL 5011)
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue
    (RAL 5012)
  • Pigeon Blue
    Pigeon Blue
    (RAL 5014)
  • Pale Blue
    Pale Blue
    (RAL 5015)
  • Water Blue
    Water Blue
    (RAL 5021)
  • Moss Green
    Moss Green
    (RAL 6005)
  • Fir Green
    Fir Green
    (RAL 6009)
  • Pale Green
    Pale Green
    (RAL 6021)
  • Silk Grey
    Silk Grey
    (RAL 7044)
  • Iron Grey
    Iron Grey
    (RAL 7011)
  • Dark Grey
    Dark Grey
    (RAL 7015)
  • Anthracite
    (RAL 7016)
  • Graphite Grey
    Graphite Grey
    (RAL 7024)
  • Pale Grey
    Pale Grey
    (RAL 7035)
  • Agate Grey
    Agate Grey
    (RAL 7038)
  • Pale Grey
    Pale Grey
    (RAL 7047)
  • Ochre Brown
    Ochre Brown
    (RAL 8001)
  • Clay Brown
    Clay Brown
    (RAL 8003)
  • Red Brown
    Red Brown
    (RAL 8012)
  • Brown
    (RAL 8014)
  • Chestnut Brown
    Chestnut Brown
    (RAL 8015)
  • Mahogany
    (RAL 8016)
  • Chocolate Brown
    Chocolate Brown
    (RAL 8017)
  • Grey Brown
    Grey Brown
    (RAL 8019)
  • Grey White
    Grey White
    (RAL 9002)
  • Off White
    Off White
    (RAL 9003)
  • Signal Black
    Signal Black
    (RAL 9004)
  • Black
    (RAL 9005)
  • Graphite Black
    Graphite Black
    (RAL 9011)
  • Brilliant White
    Brilliant White
    (RAL 9016)
  • Traffic Black
    Traffic Black
    (RAL 9017)
  • Papyrus White
    Papyrus White
    (RAL 9018)
  • Olive Yellow
    Olive Yellow
    (RAL 1020)
  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose
    (BS 00A005)
  • Brown
    (BS 08B29)

Colour in these photos may vary from the actual colour due to: 1. the translation and reproduction limitations of photography 2. the limitations of viewing photos at web site resolutions 3. the limitations and/or variations of viewing photos on your individual monitor with its variable color and/or resolution scheme

Pure White (RAL 9010)
Light Ivory (RAL 1015)
Rape Yellow (RAL 1021)
Melon Yellow (RAL 1028)
Ruby Red (RAL 3003)
Leaf Green (RAL 6002)
Pale Grey (RAL 7035)
Basalt Grey (RAL 7012)
Slate Grey (RAL 7015)
Graphite Grey (RAL 7024)
Middle Sky Blue (RAL 5015)
Traffic Blue (RAL 5017)
Ultramarine Blue (RAL 5002)
Sapphire Blue (RAL 5003)
Graphite Black (RAL 9011)

For detailed information on deliveries and returns see our FAQs

Shipping charges map
For all security grilles

If you have your security grilles fitted by one of our professionals, they will be delivered to you free of charge.

If security grilles are purchased for DIY fitting there will be a shipping cost of £65 inc VAT per order to any address in England and Wales regardless of the number of grilles ordered.

Delivery price shown is for the first item in your order. Add £15 for each additional item. Note that a security grille is 1 item.
A £10 large package surcharge also applies to items in excess of 1500mm in height or with an overall girth in excess of 1750mm.

  • England and Wales: £65.00
  • Scotland Zone 1 £Call
    (incl. postcodes DD1 to DD7, DD10, DD11, FK1 to FK16, PA1 to PA19 and PH1 to PH14)
  • Scotland Zone 2 £Call
    (incl. postcodes DD8, DD9, FK17 to FK21, KW1 to KW14, PA21 to PA38, PA80, PH15 to PH40 and PH49, PH50)
  • Scottish Offshore Islands £Call
  • Isle of Wight £Call
  • Isle of Man £Call
  • Northern Ireland £Call
  • Republic of Ireland £Call
  • Orkney & Shetland Islands £Call
  • Scilly / Channel Islands £Call

Security Grilles
Dispatch time: 3-4 weeks

All security grilles are built to order. The finished grilles are then given a high quality powder coated finish in the colour of your choice. Because of all the 'love & attention' that our security grilles receive please allow 3/4 weeks for your order to be built, painted, packaged and dispatched.

The following zonal delivery schedules apply:

England and Wales
1-2 working days after dispatch.
Scotland Zone 1
Up to 3 working days after dispatch
Scotland Zone 2
Up to 5 working days after dispatch.
Isle of Wight
Up to 3 working days after dispatch.
Isle of Man
Delivery schedule to be advised.
Scottish Islands
Delivery schedule to be advised.
Channel Islands
Delivery schedule to be advised.
Northern Ireland
We are not delivering to Northern Ireland.
We are not delivering to EIRE.

Should your order be considered a 'Large Package' the delivery schedule above will be increased by 24 hours. Payment for your order is not debited to your card account until dispatch.

The carrier makes every effort to deliver to the above schedule but this cannot be guaranteed.

For detailed information on deliveries and returns see our FAQs

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