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Marbella Shutters

Marbella Shutters

Folded false louvred shutters. 15.5" wide. Only available in white. Supplied with screw fixings.

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Colours and images should be used as a guide only and may vary from the actual product. Dimensions quoted may vary slightly from actual dimensions.
Green Marbella Shutter from Simply Shutters

During the 1960’s and 1970’s the plastics industry was nowhere near as advanced as the industry is today. 30 or 40 years ago the only decorative shutters on the market were made of timber or of a plastic material called ABS.

ABS was a very easy material to work with and most ABS shutters, if not all, during this period were vacuum formed. This method involved warming a single sheet of material to a point where it softened. It was placed over a mould and a cowl positioned in place. The air was then extracted from within the cowl to leave a formed shape. This method of construction meant that the louvres were false (or ‘closed’) and gave a louvred appearance. These are called Marbella shutters.

Some shutters used a composite construction of timber frames with a strip of louvred ABS form in the centre to create the louvred effect.

Marbella Shutter from Simply Shutters

ABS could be painted but one drawback with ABS is that over many years the U.V. in sunlight would destroy the structural integrity of the shutter so that it became brittle like eggshell. Eventually the material would crack and the morning after a night of high wind would often find the owner of these ABS shutters seeing half a shutter on his lawn and half a shutter still in place on the wall!

If you are looking to replace one or two broken or damaged ABS Marbella shutters, so as to avoid the need to replace all of the shutters on your property (our shutters do not look like Marbella shutters) we can help.

We can supply Marbella shutters in one width option only of 15½” and in 36” / 42”/ 48” /54” and 60” heights.

Marbella Shutter from Simply Shutters

Interesting fact

Did you know that the UK was responsible for importing tens of thousands of pairs of shutters that originated from Sweden!

This Swedish built shutter had a louvre size that is very close to the size of our polypropylene shutter (1 inch) and in the narrower widths looked almost identical to what we offer you today. The louvres were individual with spaces between them (we call this an open louvre). These were available in the wider widths of 21” and 24” as well a 12” 15” and 18” variations.

Please note that these shutters have been designed for decorative/ ornamental use only. They are not suitable for use as free standing doors.

Installation Instructions

We will first confirm the colour of any order placed with us (except black / white or paintable options) by sending you a small sample of the actual colour for your approval. Once approval has been obtained we shall then dispatch your order to you.

Custom Made (Polypropylene) Shutter Colours

(Click on any colour for a larger image)
  • White
  • Black
  • Ebony Green
    Ebony Green
  • Pine Green
    Pine Green
  • Sage Green
    Sage Green
  • Lunar Blue
    Lunar Blue
  • Bedford Blue
    Bedford Blue
  • Colonial Blue
    Colonial Blue
  • Cranberry
  • Bordeaux
  • Brick Red
    Brick Red
  • Brandy Wine
    Brandy Wine *2
  • Chestnut Brown
    Chestnut Brown *1
  • Sienna Brown
    Sienna Brown
  • Dove Grey
    Dove Grey
  • Sandalwood
  • Potters Clay
    Potters Clay
  • Paintable
*1 not available in Board & Batten or Country Panel Styles
*2 Only available in Master shutters – Louvre.

Colour in these photos may vary from the actual colour due to: 1. the translation and reproduction limitations of photography 2. the limitations of viewing photos at web site resolutions 3. the limitations and/or variations of viewing photos on your individual monitor with its variable color and/or resolution scheme

Ebony Green
Pine Green
Lunar Blue
Bedford Blue
Colonial Blue
Brick Red
Chestnut Brown
Sienna Brown
Potters Clay
Dove Grey
Midnight Blue
Classic Blue
Wedgewood Blue
Sage Green
Midnight Green
Forest Green
Brandy Wine
Brick Red
Federal Brown
Sienna Brown
Tuxedo Grey

For detailed information on deliveries and returns see our FAQs

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Excluding Town & Country Shutters
  • UK Mainland: £14.95
  • Central Belt of Scotland: £16.00
  • Scottish Highlands: £27.00
  • Northern Ireland: £Call
  • Southern Ireland/Eire: £Call
  • Isle of Man: £Call
  • Isle of Wight: £Call
  • Scottish Offshore Islands: £Call
  • Orkney & Shetland Islands: £Call
  • Channel / Scilly Islands: £Call

Prices shown above are for the first item in your order. Add £2 for each additional item. Note that a pair of shutters is 1 item.

All orders are dispatched in 5-7 working days. Your card is not debited until day of dispatch.

Marbella Shutters
Dispatch time: 3-5 clear working days

Simply Shutters supply Marbella shutters from stock. Consequently we provide a fast dispatch schedule of between 3-5 clear working days after placing your order (we never count the day the order is placed). We frequently package and dispatch orders much faster than this but please allow this period to for your order to be prepared.

The following zonal delivery schedules apply:

England and Wales
1-2 working days after dispatch.
Central Scotland
Up to 3 working days after dispatch
Scottish Highlands
Up to 5 working days after dispatch.
Isle of Wight
Up to 3 working days after dispatch.
Isle of Man
Delivery schedule to be advised.
Scottish Islands
Delivery schedule to be advised.
Channel Islands
Delivery schedule to be advised.
Northern Ireland
We are not delivering to Northern Ireland.
We are not delivering to EIRE.

The carrier makes every effort to deliver to the above schedule but this cannot be guaranteed.

Any packaged order containing an item or items in excess of 1500mm in height or with an overall girth in excess of 1750mm will be considered a 'Large Package' and a £10.00 delivery surcharge applied. These measurements include packaging.

Should your order be considered a 'Large Package' the delivery schedule above will be increased by 24 hours.

Payment for your order is not debited to your card account until dispatch.

The carrier makes every effort to deliver to the above schedule but this cannot be guaranteed.

For detailed information on deliveries and returns see our FAQs

Customer Reviews

I have ordered and received my Simply Shutters they are already in place, they must be called Simply Shutters because it was simple to order and simple to fix up, thank you I would have no problem in recommending this lovely company to any one, Many thanks Suzan in Doncaster
Suzan Revell
Lovely looking shutters and extremely good value and service, would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
A. Kemble

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