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Are louvre doors old-fashioned & outdated or a modern item?
– Where did louvre doors begin?– Why do we ask if louvre doors are old fashioned and outdated?– Are louvre doors still available today?– Why should I consider louvre doors?– Where can I buy louvre doors? When it comes to home décor, if something is described ... Read More
What are the different types of louvre doors available?
If you have followed us for a while, you will know exactly what a louvre door is. But for our new readers, louvre doors are internal wooden doors with an outer frame that encases thin slats (louvre blades) that are set in an angled, open position. To see our full in-depth article on what l... Read More
How to clean louvre doors
You purchased and installed your new louvre doors. They look fantastic and you are pleased with the result. But what about maintaining them? Are they easy to clean and do they need lots of cleaning? Good questions indeed and some we can help you with. One of the great things about louvre d... Read More
8 Facts About Louvre Doors
It is a fair to say that louvre doors are one of the most popular internal doors used in homes today. They are no longer considered ‘old-fashioned’. Actually, many louvre doors available today are described as versatile, modern and stylish.    But that is not the only charm o... Read More
18 Feb
What are louvre doors?
What is a louvre door? Although the louvre door has become increasingly popular in recent years, for those who don’t have this feature in their home this is a frequently asked question. To better learn about louvres and louvre doors we must first define the word ‘louvre’. So, what is... Read More
Things to consider when buying hinges for louvre doors
You’ve just purchased some stylish louvre doors for your home. Great choice! But before you begin to think about installing them there will be another question on your mind. What hinges shall I use? With so many variations of hinge available it’s easy to become confused. But before you... Read More
Tips for measuring for interior louvre doors
Updated: 21/09/2023 Interior louvre doors are a great asset to any home and are ideal for use in most rooms including kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. If you have decided to purchase louvre doors for your home your first step is to measure the opening/s where you are planning to install ... Read More
Step by Step Guide for Replacing a Louvre Blade on Narrow Louvre Doors.
This guide is for replacing slats/ blades on louvre doors with widths ranging from 300mm to 450mm. For our guide on replacing louvre blades on louvre doors that are 457mm and wider please go to: Guide 1. So you’ve decided to incorporate stylish louvre doors in your home. But what do you ... Read More
Step by Step Guide for Replacing a Louvre Blade on Wide Louvre Doors.
This guide is for replacing slats/blades on louvre doors with widths ranging from 457mm to 762mm. For our guide on replacing louvre blades on louvre doors that are 450mm wide and smaller please go to: Guide 2. If you’ve purchased louvre doors, then you already know what a great asset the... Read More
The Anatomy of a Louvre Door
If you have ever purchased or considered purchasing an internal louvre door you may have come across some words or phrases that you have not heard of before. This can be confusing especially if it is your first time buying a louvre door. That’s where we can help. Take a look at our diagr... Read More
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