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Step by Step Guide for Replacing a Louvre Blade on Wide Louvre Doors.

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This guide is for replacing slats/blades on louvre doors with widths ranging from 457mm to 762mm. For our guide on replacing louvre blades on louvre doors that are 450mm wide and smaller please go to: Guide 2.

If you’ve purchased louvre doors, then you already know what a great asset they are to any home. But what happens if you’ve ordered a brand new louvre door and discovered that a louvre blade has been damaged during transit? Perhaps you already own a louvre door and found that over time one or more of the louvre blades need replacing or you might have had an accident that caused a louvre blade to break.

You’ve now got to go through the trouble of finding a replacement door. Or do you? Because of the way our louvre doors are built you have the flexibility to replace individual louvre blades without replacing the entire door. The better news is this job is not as difficult as you might think so someone lacking DIY experience can do it.

You now need some replacement louvre blades. The width of your door will determine the length of the replacement blades you require. Should you have purchased your louvre doors from Simply Shutters, then we will be able to supply you with the correct sized replacement blades based on your door dimensions. *

Take a look at our step by step guide on how to replace a damaged (or warped) louvre blade on a louvre door. To carry out the replacement you will need the following:

Pliers (long nose pliers are ideal).
Your spare louvre blade/s.
A little bit of time.
Enough space to be able to work on the door.


Using your long nose pliers grip the louvre blade that you want to remove. Be careful not to scratch or touch the louvre blades above and below the one you are removing. If the louvre blade is already snapped then jump straight to steps three and four.

Hand holding pliers against a broken louvre blade on door


Using the pliers twist the louvre blade until it snaps. Take care not to damage the adjacent louvre blades.

Hand holding pliers against a broken louvre blade on door


The snapped louvre blade should now be in two pieces ready to be removed. As the louvre blades are not glued in place, they will come out of the frame of the door easily. Remove both broken sections of louvre blade.

Hand on pliers with half broken louvre blade in grip
Hand on pliers removing broken blade for louvre door


Once the blade has been removed you will see that there is now an empty routed slot ready to place a replacement blade into. No glue is required to fix the louvre blade into position. Offer the new blade into the slot and push all the way in.

hand pressing louvre blade into place on door


Using the stile (side rail) press the blade into the slot so that until you feel some resistance but do not force it too much or you could cause damage.  

hand holding side of stile on white louvre door


Once you have fitted one side of the louvre blade into position you will need to move over to the opposite side. You will need to bend the louvre blade slightly, so you are able to insert it into place.

Thumb pressing a louvre blade into place on door


As you will see from the diagram there is flexibility to enable you to bend the louvre blade into position. Please use your best judgment as bending too far can cause the blade to snap.

Hands bending louvre blade into place on door


Once in position, gently press the front of the louvre blade so that both ends pop into place.

Hands pressing louvre blade into place on door


The louvre blade will straighten out when fitted into place. You have now replaced a louvre blade and your door looks as good as new.

hands pressing a louvre blade into position on louvre door

*If you have purchased louvre doors from another supplier and whilst we shall try to be as helpful as we can, it is not possible for us to advise on the louvre blades required. We should just mention that this step by step guide applies to Simply Shutters louvre doors only. There are many differences between door manufacturers so the advice given here might not apply.

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