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Are louvre doors old-fashioned & outdated or a modern item?

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Where did louvre doors begin?
Why do we ask if louvre doors are old fashioned and outdated?
Are louvre doors still available today?
Why should I consider louvre doors?
Where can I buy louvre doors?

When it comes to home décor, if something is described as old-fashioned or outdated, it is rarely meant positively. Even if you are trying to be optimistic, no one wants to have their front room described as an outdated utopia. 

So, when people are considering louvre doors for their home and can’t decide if they are considered to be old-fashioned or not, what they are really trying to discover is if they are still used in modern homes today. And the answer to that question is a definite yes!

Where did louvre doors begin?

Louvre doors actually started off as shutters and were first seen on homes as far back as ancient times. Shutters were used as window coverings when glass had not yet been invented. The open louvre design would allow air flow into a home providing ventilation but also offering protection from the rain, wind, snow and sun. The combination of practicality and style is why the louvre design became increasingly popular and so people began using this style on internal doors too.

Louvre door installation on patio doors

Why do we ask if louvre doors are old fashioned and outdated?

The reason why louvre doors can perhaps be questioned as being ‘outdated’ or ‘old fashioned’ is largely due to the fact that they were a regular feature in homes as far back as the 50s through to the late 80s. Their popularity dwindled a little in the 1990s and early 2000s when people started to explore glass cabinets, entertainment units, and a more minimalist look.

Are louvre doors still available today?

Ever-changing trends make it easy to see how louvre doors could have been left behind, but the truth is they never went anywhere. Not only that, they have actually developed and grown more popular through modern.

A stained louvre door would work perfectly with the more neutral, earthy tones of the 1970s. However, louvre doors are also available in white and work very well the simple, clean, contemporary look favoured today.

Better yet, as some features from the 70s, 80s, and 90s are making a popular comeback, adding louvre doors to your home will work whatever style you choose. Whatever the decade, louvre doors remain an appealing addition to any home.

Louvre door installation on wardrobe

Why should I consider louvre doors?

One of the main reasons louvre doors remain popular is not just that they look good, they are versatile too. The open louvre design that allows air flow makes them the ‘go to’ door for rooms and cupboards that require ventilation including wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and pantries. Not only that but louvre doors can really be used anywhere in the home. People have used them as en suite bathrooms doors, main room doors and even as headboards or stylish room dividers. If you wanted to you really could feature louvre doors in every room of the house.  

So, the answer to the question of whether louvre doors are outdated and old-fashioned is a resounding NO. In fact, we’d say louvre doors are not old-fashioned; but offer a modern, contemporary look that remains timeless!

The questions we really should be asking are:
Are louvre doors versatile? Yes.
Are louvre doors affordable? Absolutely.
Will louvre doors suit my home? Most definitely.

Louvre door installed on cupboard on a boat

Where can I buy louvre doors?

Simply Shutters carries over 3000 louvre doors in stock with over 64 variations in size. With both pine and white options available to choose from we are your one stop louvre door shop.

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