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Save The Planet & Your Money

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Simply Shutters supports Sky Rainforest Rescue by making annual donations to this worthwhile cause.

Most conscientious people are concerned about what is happening to the planet and we try do our ‘little bit’ to help. We are of the view that if we all do a little bit then the sum total of all these little bits adds up to a big difference.

What exactly do we do?

We actively support and sponsor local charities, with particular focus on animal welfare as well as humanitarian aid. We use the money we raise from selling our scrap UPVC for recycling to partially fund these projects.

One might say that petrochemical products such as UPVC are not exactly environmentally friendly? With some oil derived products this view will be absolutely correct but products such as UPVC make a worthwhile contribution in reducing dependency on slow growing hardwoods and the preservation of our forests on a worldwide scale.

Our material suppliers use environmentally friendly processes in the manufacture of the raw material and things like harmful emissions are ‘scrubbed’ from the air before being released.

Wherever possible, we source from local businesses to cut down on transportation. This saves us money, helps support the local economy and is good for the planet too.

Our waste material is recycled whenever we can use it. For example, the cardboard that our supplies are delivered in is often used for re-packaging to send completed orders to our customers. We also use an excellent but expensive acrylic epoxy paint to provide the finish for Town & Country shutters. Unused amounts of paint that might be left over are collected and mixed and then sent back to the paint manufacturers for reconstituting into black. Nothing is wasted.

destroyed forest through window with shutters

Cards, like the one above are sent to our client base so that they can let us know if they are still interested in receiving information from us. This saves us money, saves resources (think about all the processes needed in getting the card delivered to you) and saves you getting unwanted mail from us.

Every ‘little bit’ that we do makes a difference. Switching to maintenance free UPVC shutters will save the forests and reduce paint consumption and your time & money in the process.

If you need advice or have any questions about shutters or louvre doors contact our team on: sales@simplyshutters.co.uk
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