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Louvre doors – helpful tips

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It is essential to leave any louvre door to be installed in the location or a room with similar humidity for at least 48 hours prior to installation if potential problems such as shrinkage and expansion are to be avoided.

Storing any door in a cold damp garage for months and then immediately installing it is not good practice.

Timber is a natural fibrous material that both absorbs and loses moisture. The simple rule is to remember that timber plus moisture equals expansion and timber plus heat equals shrinkage. It is therefore most important for the timber to regulate itself to its environment prior to installation. Once installed it is also essential to seal the timber by painting, staining or varnishing paying particular attention to the joints.

Hinge Placement

Always endeavour to locate hinges equal distances apart.

Hinges placed too close together or that do not match the opposite side can cause uneven expansion and contraction thereby increasing the potential for the timber to bow.

Allow circa 3mm per gap for hinges to be fitted and for snag free opening and closing.


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