What are the Benefits of using Engineered Stiles in Wood Louvre Doors?

May 12th 2015

Category: Helpful

Louvre doors are in a revival period. No longer thought of as a discarded icon associated with the 70s and 80s, they are once again in vogue and fashionable. Louvre doors might all look the same, but there are often differences between the products available in the market place. What is a stile? And what [...]

How to spot differences between North American East Coast and West Coast Shutters

April 27th 2015

Category: Helpful

Did you know there’s an easy trick to tell where a house is situated in the USA just by looking at it? There are differences in the way the shutters are hung that can give you a clue as to where the house might be. Take a look at the 2 images below: 1) East [...]

Simply Shutters’ Louvre doors feature on ITV’s This Morning

April 21st 2015

Category: Company News

With summer on its way people are going to be spending more time outside. To highlight this ITV’s ‘This Morning’ have been featuring ways to increase the kerb appeal of your home. Beginning with the exterior of the home, Friday’s show featured Interior design expert Laurence Llewelyn Bowen identifying simple and cost effective ways to [...]

Factors to consider when buying security grilles

February 11th 2014

Category: Tips and Tricks

Security grilles offer an outstanding additional tier of protection to your home or business premises against break-in and theft. However, it’s worth bearing in mind several considerations when you are deciding whether it’s worth installing them, and which type to opt for. Internal retractable grilles can be fitted behind your windows and French doors, and [...]

Insurance benefits of security grilles for home owners

December 12th 2013

Category: Helpful

Retractable grilles are a highly effective complement to make to any existing home security measures you have previously taken. Whilst alarms and cameras can act as a deterrent to housebreakers, their main function is to alert you or record evidence after a break-in has already occurred. Because security grilles are a highly visible and extremely [...]

Simply Shutters Sponsor Thetford Town Under 15 Football Team

November 7th 2013

Category: Company News

The family run business Simply Shutters based in Brandon, Suffolk  has sponsored the Thetford Town under 15’s football team for the current 2013-2014 season. The football team, coached by head coach Will Farthing and assistant coach Jason Benham have been with the same group of lads since the under 9’s when they were part of [...]

Insurance benefits of security grilles for businesses

November 4th 2013

Category: Helpful

Retractable security grilles are an excellent way to add a layer of security to your business premises, and bring a number of other benefits too. Whilst there may be some modest reductions in your insurance premiums, you’ll typically see the biggest savings by virtue of not having to make a claim in the first place [...]

How to tighten and secure exterior window shutters

October 14th 2013

Category: Tips and Tricks

Over time you may find that your exterior window shutters shift slightly and so appear misaligned. This is a relatively simple problem to correct and requires only a few basic tools. Exterior window shutters may be either decorative or functional. Decorative shutters are purchased solely for their aesthetic appeal and are fixed to the wall [...]

Louvre doors – helpful tips

August 1st 2013

Acclimatisation It is essential to leave any louvre door to be installed in the location or a room with similar humidity for at least 48 hours prior to installation if potential problems such as shrinkage and expansion are to be avoided. Storing any door in a cold damp garage for months and then immediately installing [...]

Save The Planet & Your Money

August 17th 2012

Category: Company News

Simply Shutters supports Sky Rainforest Rescue by making annual donations to this worthwhile cause. Most conscientious people are concerned about what is happening to the planet and we try do our ‘little bit’ to help. We are of the view that if we all do a little bit then the sum total of all these [...]

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