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Over the sea (or river) and not so far away…

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How pleased were we to be able to supply some of our Extrawide louvre shutters to a lovely client of ours who installed them on the Captains House located on the stunning Osea Island.

extrawide shutters installed on window

What and where is Osea Island I hear you ask?

Located between Maldon and West Mersea in the county of Essex, Osea Island is exactly as the name suggests – it’s an island.

screenshot image of google map of osea island
Screenshot owned by Google Maps.

However, this island is very interesting indeed.

Surrounded by the River Blackwater and Goldhanger Creek the island is most easily accessed via the man-made causeway that is only visible during low tide. That means you can only drive onto the island at particular times of the day as the road is otherwise underwater.

Whilst car is the most common form of transport used to get on to the island, there is also the option of travelling there by train, water taxi or even via helicopter (just in case you have a helicopter to hand).

The island is privately owned by music producer Nigel Frieda, so you cannot just visit the island as and when you please.

This doesn’t mean going to the island is out of the question, quite the contrary.

There is the option of vacationing on the island and staying at any one of the stunning accommodations available, including the Manor House, Manor Beach Cottages and of course the Captains House.

There’s an array of things to do on the island during your stay including going to the various food vans to eat, there’s a pub, a cinema and you can even hire the island to host your own events.

For more information on hiring the island for weddings or other exclusive events you can contact them directly on 0203 026 4067 or email enquiries@oseaisland.co.uk. For even more information about what is available on the island and for pricing etc. you can visit the island’s website here.

Not only is the island a great place for a short break or a wedding, it has also been frequented by a few familiar faces.

The location has been used to film various TV projects including the ITV1 show ‘Superstar’ that included searching for the new star of Andrew Lloyd Webbers musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. The cast of the show included Melanie C, Jason Donovan and Dawn French.

It is also speculated that singer Rihanna rented the island to record her new album in 2019.

Plus, Essex local Olly Murs also got married on the island!

Most interesting is the rich history of the island. The island has been inhabited by humans for more than five thousand years and here’s a fun fact for you; did you know the causeway joining the island to the mainland was built by the Romans when they inhabited the island thousands of years ago.

And did you also know the British Army occupied the island during the second world war.

For more on the history of the island visit Osea Island History.

Another interesting fact about Osea island is that oysters have been harvested from the estuary for over a thousand years. You really do learn something new every day.

Here’s some stunning images of our Extrawide Louvre shutters installed on the Captains house. Don’t they look marvellous! To see more from this range, click here.

Shutters installed on 2 windows
Side view of house with shutters installed on window

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