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What Makes A Good Shutter Company?

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Whether you are searching for external shutters or internal shutters, there are a surprising number of shutter companies available, all claiming to be the best in their field so how should you select the company to use?

Here are a few pointers to check:


How long has the shutter company been operating in the shutter market?  More importantly, how long has the owner or operatives been working in shutters?  It is a specialist subject and both experience and time is required to be able to not only make the shutters but also to be able to advise customers and know what will suit a home.  You should be able to rely on the shutter company to answer any and all questions that you might have. Being a member of a recognised Trade Organisation is a good indicator that any particular company works to a required standard.

Product Range.

There is a wide variety of shutters available in both size and material so ensure your shutter company has a sufficient range to satisfy your needs. If they do not have exactly what you after why not ask if they can recommend a company that stocks what you are looking for? You will find that companies will be only too happy to assist you if they cannot look after you directly.

Manufacturing & Guarantees.

Window shutters should be manufactured to size to meet your requirements.  You also want your shutters to last, so getting the right product for any particular application is of paramount importance. It would not be wise to install softwood shutters in an exterior exposed location as they will quickly rot. Similarly, positioning interior hardwood shutters right next to a shower head will ensure that they quickly deteriorate. The build quality of the finished product plays a vital part in overall longevity so ask what guarantees are in place and perhaps most importantly ask what the guarantee does not cover?

Satisfaction Guarantee.

Most good shutter companies will offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for whatever reason. If they cannot remedy the cause of your complaint you should be able to return the shutters for a full refund within a specified time period. Try to choose from companies that have gone to great lengths (before receiving your order) to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with what you are ordering and that it will suit its particular application. Also ask for permission to speak to other clients that are local to you that may have had work carried out by your chosen company. Beware if the company is reluctant to provide this information or attempts to avoid the issue!


Poor communication is generally accepted as being the single biggest issue behind poor levels of customer satisfaction. Good companies will keep a customer informed of progress (or lack of it) and even when things do go wrong, because the customer is aware of what is happening, it is generally not a stressful issue for either party. Ask any prospective supplier about the order/ delivery/ installation process and how they intend to keep you in the ‘picture’?

To buy your window shutters with confidence, be sure to check all the requirements above.

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