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How to choose the right colour scheme for your external shutters.

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When purchasing external decorative shutters choosing the colour is just one of the many factors to take into consideration. While colour choice is personal and subjective you may still be undecided on what to choose. If you are struggling to decide upon a colour for your new shutters here are a few tips to consider.

colour article pic 1 watermarked  21) What does your house look like? Does it have a brick or painted façade? It could be a modern new build or a period property that incorporates more than one material. The material used in construction or colour of your home will influence your decision as you may want to compliment the materials and colours used. Houses made from red brick are quite suited to having white shutters as the colour contrasts nicely against the brick. If your house is painted white a darker colour shutter might be preferable to contrast against the lighter background colour. For extra assistance you could take photographs of the outside of your home and print these off on your home computer. By adding small coloured strips of paper in your chosen colour it will give you a rough idea of what the finished project could look like.

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2) Before making your decision consider the colour of your window sills, window trims and the colour of your roof as you might like the shutters to match these existing colours. You might prefer to have a colour that does not necessarily match but compliments an existing colour scheme. A general rule to keep in mind is that the simpler the look the less you are likely to tire of it over time. A combination of colours is an easy way to provide a distinctive look.

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3) What does the rest of your neighbourhood look like? Do you live in an area where all the houses were built at once and so look similar to each other? Does a neighbour with a similar home already have shutters and you like the look of it? It’s a great idea to look at your neighbours homes for inspiration as they could have chosen something you hadn’t thought of. You might want to keep to a neighbourhood theme, which is especially important if you are thinking of selling your home in the future. Bright and bold colours might suit your taste but if you live in a conservation area this could work against you when you come to sell.

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4) As you’ll be the one returning to the place you call ‘home’ it is important that you like what you see. Some home owners like to blend in whilst others like to make a statement. One thing is certain, we all take great pride in making our homes ‘monuments to a lifetime of hard work’ and all wish to have them looking their best. If you really can’t decide upon a colour then consider a paintable shutter to give you flexibility to change the colour in the future. All self-coloured polypropylene shutters cannot be painted so if you choose red shutters make sure that you’ll be happy with red as you won’t be able to change the colour later.

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