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Factors to consider when buying security grilles

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Updated: 11/06/2020

Security Grilles are a great way to add an additional level of protection to your home or business premises against possible break-in and theft.

Internal retractable grilles can be fitted behind your windows and doors, and are far more discreet than the heavy external security shutters typically used on shops and other commercial properties. They are an effective way to stop intruders from breaking glass and reaching in to open windows and doors, or simply climbing through. Even though these grilles are extremely tough and rated to withstand even the well-equipped intruders, they are not a panacea.

So before you decide which type of security grille is right for you it is worth taking some factors into consideration.

bottom of closed security grille on door

Safety concerns

Retractable grilles are generally mounted within a frame that is fitted around the inside of your doors and windows. They are quick and easy to slide closed, and lock at several different points using a single key. These grilles are essentially a galvanised steel lattice which extends and folds back, as required. Because of their design they can be locked even when the window themselves are open which allows ventilation and also lets in light.

For fire safety reasons it’s recommended to leave open any ground-floor grilles when you are in the house whilst also ensuring any first-floor windows that lead to a fire escape are also accessible. Whether or not you are in the house, locked grilles will also slow down fire crews and other emergency services in the event of a serious incident. Keep keys close to the grilles – and ideally out of sight and out of reach – so that you are not trapped if you need to leave in a hurry.

Further security measures

Retractable grilles are a robust but unobtrusive way of protecting your property. From a distance they should not be visible at all, and inside the building they can be folded away and hidden behind curtains and pelmets. When extended, though, they will be obvious to anyone who looks in through your windows. Most theft is opportunistic, and so the majority of thieves will simply leave at this point and look for an easier target.

However, the grilles do serve as an indication to thieves that you have property worth protecting. They may decide it is worth their while to look for another way in or to come back another time and hope that you have left the grilles open. For this reason, security grilles should always be used in conjunction with other measures, such as CCTV cameras and intruder alarms. And, of course, there is no substitute for vigilance and good practice. Don’t leave valuables on display if you can avoid it, and don’t leave open windows unattended for even a short time – that’s all an opportunistic thief will need.

open security grille on internal window

Planning permission

Installing internal security grilles is usually a fairly simple job and can be carried out by anyone with reasonable DIY skills. The suppliers will also be able to do this for you, or to provide you with the name of professional, certified fitters. (This may be important for insurance purposes.) However in some instances (such as listed buildings) it is advisable to research if planning permission is required on your property before installing grilles.

Damage to your property

External security grilles typically roll down to cover the entire window or doorway. These are designed for situations where premises need a high degree of protection and visual deterrence, and there are no aesthetic considerations (such as on store fronts after closing).

At home, these types of grilles ate more suited to use on garages. For use at home internal security grilles are preferable as they are more discreet and even when extended and fixed in place can be comparatively attractive.

However, internal grilles won’t protect your windows from being broken. It will still be difficult for thieves to gain access to the property, especially since they will have to work at the grille fittings through broken glass. But if preventing vandalism is a key aim, you may be better off installing external grilles that completely cover the window.

close up closed security grille over window

For most home applications, retractable internal security grilles provide an effective and economic way to protect your property. They are far more attractive than heavy external shutters, which block out the light as well as being visually unappealing. Nevertheless, they are not suitable for every application. If you are in doubt, discuss your needs with the provider or another security professional.

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