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Handy Tips 3. (of 3)-Installing decorative exterior shutters.

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Handy Tips 3. (of 3)

Installing decorative exterior shutters.

Putting your new shutters up on the wall.

Having gone through all the trials and tribulations to get to this point, the moment is at hand where you (and everyone else for that matter) can see the fruits of your labour. It is time to install your shutters!

Simply Shutters products are made from Duraprene, a polypropylene composition that gives the shutters a weather resistant finish that will keep them looking good for years. Polypropylene is what some garden furniture, plastic buckets and car bumpers is made from. As a consequence they are quite flexible in your hands but become very rigid and stable when positioned on a solid surface.

The wall does not need to be completely flat as the shutters will find their own level. As a consequence fixing shutters to walls that are: rough stone, stucco finished, pebble dashed, roughcast, ship lapped or use siding presents no problem at all.

You will need to insert the Shutter Spikes into the pre-drilled holes in the shutter first as this is much easier done on the ground than up a ladder. If you are using screws then insert the wall anchors (Rawlplugs (TM)) into the holes in the wall and tighten the screws. If using Shutter Spikes then locate the tips into the holes into the wall and gently (remember that you are not driving in a railway spike) tap the spike in.

Do not over tighten the spike or screw as the shutters will expand on a warm day. If the fixings are too tight you will end up with dimples or saucer shaped dents around the heads that will look horrible. As the shutter cools the dimples will go away but will come back again when expansion next occurs. You should look to leave about a 1mm expansion gap between the face of the shutter and the underneath of the plug head or screw head to avoid this happening.

Clean the shutters with warm soapy water and a brush (it’s easier than with a cloth) and never, ever use solvents, bleach or cleaning fluids on them.

So, to summarise the points discussed so far are:

1.    Make small marks on the wall to enable you to accurately re-align the shutters.

2.    Align the shutters with the window and do not use a spirit level.

3.    Mark out the fixing positions on the shutter.

4.    Drill the holes in the shutter.

5.     Position the ladder to support the shutter or use a nail to support one corner of the shutter

6.    Mark out the positions for the holes in the wall.

7.    Use the correct drill bit for the material you are drilling into.

8.    Check for correct size of the finished hole.

9.    Either enlarge or pack out the hole if required.

10.    Install the shutters remembering to leave a small 1mm expansion gap.

I hope that you find this information useful. If you will care to leave any comments about any particular problems you came across and any new tips that you can suggest so that I can pass them on to others I should be most grateful.

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Dear Simply Shutters,

Just a note to let you know that the shutters that we ordered arrived safely and well packed last Wednesday. They are a PERFECT match for shutters that I purchased from elsewhere some seven years ago, and I fitted them fairly quickly without any real problems, even though I am only an average d.i.y’er.

Very favourable comments from my wife and others – they look great.

One useful ploy when one has to fit these single-handed: I found a couple of long M6 bolts in my workshop. When I had marked the positions of the two top holes, I drilled appropriately into the brick and held the shutters in place with the bolts. One can then mark up the remaining holes with one hand on the spirit level and one hand on the marking device, without the worry of preventing slippage. The most appropriate marking device, because of the depth of the shutters, was a length of 6mm dowel, the end dipped in thick half dried white oil paint !

Finally, very many thanks to the lady who I spoke to on the phone about matching the existing shutters that we have. She didn’t have to pass me on to anyone, and knew her product information really well. She must be an asset to you!

Many thanks and best wishes


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