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A Sad Ending and A New Beginning

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2021 ended on a sad note for us as we had to say goodbye to our beloved Shutter Dog. As many of you know Shutter Dog was an integral part of the Simply Shutters team and was loved by everyone. We are still coming to terms with this sad loss so you will have to forgive us for not sharing this news with you sooner.

Shutter Dog looking into camera with tongue out

At almost 15 years old Shutter Dog (aka Goldie) had a long life and a very happy one indeed. She brightened up the day of every person she met and was a sweet and loving member of our family. Unfortunately, her health declined rapidly in December and sadly we said our final farewells to her on 15th December 2021.

We miss her terribly but are comforted by the fact that she is no longer suffering and is living happily in doggy heaven.

Featured regularly on our Facebook and Twitter pages we loved sharing Shutter Dog with you and we know how much she was loved by you as her very own Facebook page has amassed over 200 followers.

Whilst she will never be replaced, one happy bit of news in 2022 has been the introduction of the newest member of the Simply Shutters team. Please allow us to introduce to you our new puppy LuLu. Henceforth know as ‘LuLu Louvre Dog’.  LuLu Louvre Dog is an Amstaff puppy (cross between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and an American Bulldog) and joined the team in February.

Puppy in a pink pen looking up at camera

We are sure you will love to have regular pupdates on her adventures and so we have decided to keep the Shutter Dog Facebook page running. Going forward the page will now be called Shutter Dog & LuLu Louvre Dog. You can find the page here or by searching @shutterlululouvredog in Facebook.

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