High Line Pine Open Louvre Doors

28mm thick High Line interior louvre doors are sold individually. Scroll down to see more information on this product.

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Product Details

High quality High Line pine louvre doors

All High Line Pine louvre doors are made from a high grade knot free timber called Araucaria Pinus Elliotis.

Simply Shutters have the largest range of sizes of louvre doors in the UK with exclusive sizes not available anywhere else. All the doors that we stock are available in various pre-set height and widths and have 'open’ louvres to encourage airflow.

Louvre doors are sold individually and supplied shrink wrapped for protection.

The high quality pine used and the fact that the doors are manufactured with engineered stiles means issues such as splitting, bowing or warping should never be a problem for you.

A Brief History of Araucaria Elliotis Pine

Elliottis Pine is prevalent around the south eastern United States and most of the South American continent as well as some parts of Africa.

It is a fast growing wood but not very long lived by pine standards (to 200 years) and prefers to grow where there is a humid climate and moist soils.

In the wild, the tree is commonly found on swampy ground that is overgrown with trees and bushes.

Because of its fast rate of growth Araucaria Pinus Elliotis is ideal to grow in managed forest plantations. The tree consumes huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) during its growth period (more so than an adult tree) and therefore helps to regulate the greenhouses gases in our environment.

Araucaria Pinus Elliotis

The adult tree often grows to between 100 and 150 feet in height with a bole of approximately 4 -6ft in diameter. It grows very straight and has but a few branches at the crown when fully grown. This feature has the benefit of keeping knots in the wood to a minimum.

Pines are generally classified into 3 subgenera depending on cone, seed and leaf characters. Subgenus Pinus is sometimes called yellow or hard pine for the most obvious of reasons.

Simply Shutters is committed to only using timber products from legitimately authorised and environmentally friendly sources.

Appearance & Use

The knot free grain of Araucaria pine doors

Araucaria Pinus Elliotis has a sandy beige heartwood with slightly darker caramel streaking (streaking is a characteristic of all pine (about 115) variations). It looks good whether oiled, waxed or stained and can also be clear varnished or painted to suit your particular preference.

The wood is commonly used in building construction, furniture and cabinet making.


All of the interior louvre doors in our extensive range are slatted/vented and constructed with engineered stiles which ensure that issues such as bowing, warping or splitting will not be a concern for you.

What are engineered stiles?

Stiles are the vertical part of the frame on a louvre door. Engineered stiles are created through a process called laminating whereby thin strips of wood are bonded together in opposing directions and then encased in a wood veneer that gives the appearance of solid wood.

Wood is naturally fibrous meaning it will expand and contract in different temperatures and environments. Because of this the material is particularly susceptible to warping, bowing or splitting.

Because of the sturdy construction and opposing grain, louvre doors built with engineered stiles are better equipped to withstand the effects of high or low humidity in the air meaning they will last a lot longer than solid wood. Not only that but since it takes a lot of time and effort to manufacture an engineered stile you will only find this feature on the highest quality louvre doors.

Thanks to advances in manufacturing processes, engineered stiles look every bit as good as solid wood stiles.

Common Applications

Araucaria pine cabinet doors

Araucaria Pine doors are ideal for use as:

  • Bedroom wardrobe doors
  • Airing cupboard doors
  • Kitchen cupboard doors
  • General cupboard doors
  • Internal louvre doors
  • Closet doors
  • Interior doors and panels for partitions.

We do not recommend these doors for external applications.

Araucaria pine panel sizes


Measuring and installation tips

Should there be a requirement to reduce the height or width, High Line louvre doors do have some room for trimming but we do not recommend trimming more than 20mm in total from the height. As the louvre doors feature engineered stiles it means trimming the width can be a bit more difficult. We would not recommend removing more than 5-6mm from the width in total from any louvre door.

The horizontal frame sections (rails) are held to the stile by dowels. Should you cut through one of these dowels when trimming, we suggest drilling a pilot hole and then inserting a 3” (75m) screw though the stile into the rail to replace the dowel. The screw head should be countersunk into the timber and then backfilled with wood filler and sanded for an invisible finish.

Made to measure pine louvre doors

If trimming is not a possibility and you require a particular size that we do not have in stock we can certainly still assist you. Simply Shutters offers a door modification service whereby we can modify one of our stock sized doors to meet your requirements. To get a quote for this simply click on the 'joinery service’ button on the buy now page or contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.

When measuring for a louvre door to fit the opening you should allow a 2mm gap all round for hinge placement and to prevent the door from rubbing against the frame.

Before installing your louvre doors it is important to leave them in the room they are due to be installed in or a room that has similar humidity for at least 24 hours beforehand. Doing this allows the doors to become accustomed to the conditions and should reduce the possibility of expansion or shrinkage.

Please spend some browsing our online shop where you can find sizes of wood louvre doors in both inches and millimeters. Should you have any questions or require more information please feel free to contact us on 01842 814 260 or email sales@simplyshutters.co.uk.

Simply Shutters – a name you can rely on.

The following table can be used to convert some of our popular High Line interior louvered door sizes from millimetres to inches.

Louvered Door sizes (mm)
Louvered Door sizes (inches)
457 x 305
18" x 12"
610 x 381
24" x 15"
762 x 457
30" x 18"
915 x 533
36" x 21"
1067 x 610
42" x 24"
1524 x 305
60" x 12"
1829 x 381
72" x 15"
1981 x 381
78" x 15"

Customer Reviews

Very pleased with the quality of the high line louvre doors supplied by Simply Shutters. Thought about going for a cheaper option, but I'm glad I didn't. Customer service and speed of delivery were both absolutely faultless too; fantastic people to deal with!
M Seymour
The staff here have such a good approach to customer service. They go out of their way to help and are so knowledgeable about their products. Having purchased some louvre doors, they gave me invaluable advice on how to modify them to ensure they blended in with the surroundings.

They are a delight to do business with.
Andy Ferrari

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Installation Instructions

There are no installation instructions for this product

For detailed information on deliveries and returns see our FAQs

Interior Louvre Doors
  • UK Mainland: £14.95
  • Central Belt of Scotland: £16.00
  • Scottish Highlands: £27.00
  • Northern Ireland: £Call
  • Southern Ireland/Eire: £Call
  • Isle of Man: £Call
  • Isle of Wight: £Call
  • Scottish Offshore Islands: £Call
  • Orkney & Shetland Islands: £Call
  • Channel / Scilly Islands: £Call

Prices shown above are for the first door in your order. Add £2 for each additional door.

Any packaged order containing an item or items in excess of 1500mm in height or with an overall girth in excess of 1750mm will be considered a ‘Large Package’ and a £10.00 delivery surcharge applied. These measurements include packaging. Your card is not debited until the day of dispatch.

High Line Interior Louvre Doors
Dispatch time: Within 2 working days

28mm thick premium quality High Line Araucaria Pine louvre doors are kept in stock for fast dispatch. Subject to availability you can expect us to dispatch your new louvre doors within 1-2 working days following receipt of your order. All orders are dispatched on a 24-48 hour delivery schedule (delivery times dependent on door size) although some outlying areas experience a longer delivery schedule.

Please allow 10 working days for modified doors to be dispatched.

The following zonal delivery schedules apply:

Mainland UK
1-2 working days
Central Scotland
3 working days after dispatch
Scottish Highlands
5 working days after dispatch
Scottish Islands
5 working days after dispatch
Isle of Wight
3 working days after dispatch
Isle of Man
5 working days after dispatch
Channel Islands
5 working days after dispatch
Northern Ireland
5 working days after dispatch
5 working days after dispatch

Any packaged order containing an item or items in excess of 1500mm in height or with an overall girth in excess of 1750mm will be considered a 'Large Package' and a £10.00 delivery surcharge applied. These measurements include packaging.

Should your order be considered a 'Large Package' the delivery schedule above will be increased by 24 hours.

Payment for your order is not debited to your card account until dispatch.

The carrier makes every effort to deliver to the above schedule but this cannot be guaranteed.

For detailed information on deliveries and returns see our FAQs

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