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For paintable Styrene products only

Styrene Paintable shutters MUST be painted prior to installation.


  1. Do not expose the unpainted shutters to harsh direct sunlight before, during or immediately after painting. Shutter temperature should be between 60F and 90F for best results.

  2. It is very important to prepare the surface of the shutters prior to painting. To ensure that the shutters are completely free of any greasy residue, wipe the shutters thoroughly using a mildly damp cloth and a weak mixture of ammonia and water or white vinegar and water; 1 cup per gallon. Rinse off using a moist clean cloth and water (rinse cloth regularly and do not soak the shutter). Allow to dry in a warm place until completely dry. Do not use white spirit, methylated spirit or turpentine as this can cause a reaction with the shutter material.

  3. Prime the shutters with a good quality exterior grade primer suitable for use on wood. Most primers are water based so the brushes can be washed out with water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and drying times

  4. For the topcoat, we recommend using any paint that you would use for painting exterior timber. For best results always use a high quality oil based paint as a topcoat such as Dulux Weathershield. You must not use any vinyl based paints or aerosol sprays.

  5. Good results can also be achieved by using acrylic water based paint such as Dulux Aquatech although this will not provide as durable a finish.

  6. For best results the paint used should not contain high levels of vinyl acetates /vinyl chloride orvolatileoxidisedcarbons(VOC’s). As a general rule the lower the price of the paint the higher the chance that these ingredients will be present. Information will normally be shown on the tin. Always use a quality brand name such as Dulux for best results.

  7. Apply two coats of the finish paint following the manufacturer’s recommendations on the amount of drying time between coats. The paint can be applied with a brush or spray gun, paying particular attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Tip: lay the shutter face down on a bench and using a small brush, paint the gaps in between the louvres from the rear before turning over to paint the front. You only need to paint the bits of the rear face that will be seen. There is no need to paint the entire back of the shutter.

  8. Allow the shutter to dry completely for a few days prior to installation to enable the paint to fully cure.

  9. Thank you for choosing Simply Shutters Products.

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