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Marbella Shutters Installation Instructions


  1. Use a no. 8 drill to drill the shutter from the face with 6 holes (1 approx 2 inches from each corner and two halfway down each side). Next offer the shutters to the wall at the position required and mark the holes for drilling. Drill the wall with corresponding holes and plug with a no. 8 Rawlplug.

  2. Push the screw through the plastic washer/dome cap so that the head fits snugly into the recessed part of the washer.

  3. Place plastic spacer behind the shutter with the screw passing through.

  4. Screw shutters to the wall and press on plastic dome cap.

Your shutters need very little maintenance. Any dirt can be washed off with warm soapy water.

Should you wish to change the colour of your shutters this can be done by applying a coat of ordinary gloss paint without undercoat, but we suggest that you try the paint on the rear of the shutter first.

These shutters are covered by a 5year guarantee from the date of purchase. The guarantee covers fair wear and tear, quality of materials and workmanship. Your statutory rights are therefore protected.

This guarantee does not cover circumstances where damage occurs as a result of incorrect installation or abnormal weather conditions.

Should your purchase under the terms of the guarantee fail to provide satisfaction please return it and we will either offer you a refund or a replacement.


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