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Shutter Hardware

Installation Instructions

Kit No. MIFASH002

-For new or existing shutters, Louver or Panel style

Kit Contains:

(4) Hinges

(2) "S" Hooks

(10) Screws

S Hook

Hinge Installation


Step 1

Determine where the hinges will be installed. Typically the hinges are installed near the ends of the shutters. See Figure at right.


Note: If placing hinges over Shutter Loks, be sure the pilot holes don't interfere with the Shutter Loks.


Step 2

Using the marks on the front of the hinges as guides, use an 1/8" drill bit and drill pilot holes through the hinge and shutter


Step 3

Securely attach the hinges to the shutter with the enclosed screws.


"S" Hook Installation

Step 1

Place the "S" Hook in the desired location. Normally the hooks are installed at the bottom corner of the shutter. See Figure 1 at right


Step 2

On the back of the "S" Hook is a fin. This is where the screw will be placed. After the position of the "S" Hook is determined, use an 1/8" drill bit to drill through the fin and into the bottom of the shutter


Step 3

Securely attach the "S" Hook to the shutter using the screws provided.


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